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Wireless ISP / Fixed Wireless Networks
Service Provider Solutions
Trango Systems’ carrier grade microwave backhaul solutions are ideal for fixed wireless service providers and wireless ISPs. Trango's broad portfolio of microwave solutions enable ISPs to dramatically and cost-effectively increase capacity and backhaul reliability, while reducing network latency.

ISP Network Infrastructure
One important consideration for any ISP or WISP is how to deliver the bandwidth to each base station. Building a network infrastructure using traditional copper cable or fiber network connections can take a lot of time and can be prohibitively expensive. The preferred method for building your network is with high-capacity wireless point-to-point links or wireless backhaul. Trango wireless backhaul solutions make it incredibly easy for any Internet Service provider to inject additional bandwidth capacity into your existing network or to expand your network footprint geographic coverage into new territories with long-range point-to-point extensions.

Fixed wireless point-to-point equipment from Trango enables any ISP or WISP to quickly and easily deploy a broadband access network across a wide geographic area for a surprisingly low cost and superb return on investment (ROI). Trango's ISP backhaul solutions include both split-architecture and all-outdoor microwave RF links.

Compared to the leased-line world of wired copper and optic fiber infrastructure, Wireless ISP networks enjoy many advantages. 

Wireless Advantages for ISP Networks:
• Quick and easy deployment, fast ROI
• You own the infrastructure
• Low equipment costs when compared to long range wired facilities costs
• License-exempt spectrum is free. There are no recurring costs to the FCC
• Flexible Networks - easy to modify as your business requirements change

ISP and WISP Applications:
• Backbone Point-of-Presence (POP) connections
• Residential High-speed Wireless Broadband Services
• Business-class Ethernet Services
• Infrastructure Extensions for Traditional ISPs
• Last-mile Wireless access
• Wi-Fi Network Backhaul Services
• Bandwidth Upgrades for Existing Networks
• Voice-over-IP & Video-over-IP
• Campus Internet Access

ISP / WISP diagram