Trango NMS

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Trango NMS Overview

Trango NMS is a comprehensive Network Management System designed to manage and monitor high-capacity wireless networks. With Trango NMS, users have real-time network monitoring to provide maximum reliability and profitability. Trango NMS is able to manage all new generation Trango microwave products including Orion and Lynx wireless systems.

Powerful Scalability and Quick Deployment
Trango NMS software can be installed on Windows Operating System. It is designed as a server/client configuration, where a server can be licensed and scaled to manage and monitor up to one hundred thousand elements as a backend unit. Operators can have as many client interfaces as desired installed on multiple computers to manage the elements. The client utility is a light java applet that can be used on any web browser.

Automatic Discovery of Trango Wireless Devices
Discovering Trango devices is as easy as setting a range of IP addresses or a subnet mask, and the auto-discovery engine will learn and monitor every single element in the network.

Trango Device Setup and Configuration
Operators can access and configure every Trango element in their network within Trango NMS at the click of a button. Elements can be accessed either through a geographical or hierarchical tree view. Once a device is discovered and added to the main topology map, users can configure RF link, management, port and other network settings.

Performance Monitoring and Fault Management
The Trango NMS unique suite of metrics, alarms, event logs and historical statistics allows the operator to maintain optimum network uptime. Operators can easily isolate and detect faults across the network via visual indicators.

Scheduled Bulk Operations
Trango NMS allows operators to perform radio firmware upgrades, configuration backups, device reboots, etc., in batches on a pre-set schedule or at a later time.

Server/Client Architecture
The Trango NMS server application performs all back-end tasks without any user interface.  The client application is a front-end GUI, enabling network monitoring.

Multiple Link Views
Topological, Geographical and Logical Maps enable effective views of all Trango links on the network. Map views show link health graphically.

Security Management
Operators can define user profiles, access and system privileges for their users.

Affordable Licensing
The required license is determined by the number of devices to be managed.

Multiple Link Views

Links can be viewed in operator assigned network groups both on the map and in hierarchical tree view, allowing effective management of separate service areas. Map views show link health graphically using color coded lines between link endpoints.

Trango NMS Performance View


Performance Monitoring & Fault Management

The Trango NMS unique suite of metrics, alarms, event logs and historical statistics allows the operator to maintain optimum network uptime. Operators can easily isolate and detect faults across the network via visual indicators. Alarms can generate email messages and audible tones.