Apex Orion

All-Outdoor System 6-42 GHz 
• 761 Mbps FDX (1.5 Gbps with 2+0) 
• SyncE & IEEE1588v2 
• Programmable packet buffer up to 8 MB 
• QPSK through 1024QAM 

Apex Orion Overview 
The Apex Orion is an all-outdoor, ultra-high capacity, full duplex, point-to-point, wireless backhaul system specifically designed for all IP wireless backhaul. It is ideal for fixed and mobile service providers due to it’s zero footprint design, easy installation, and metro switch features. The system supports all standard licensed microwave bands from 6 to 42 GHz, with up to 1000 Mbps capacity in a single 56 MHz channel using XPIC.

The Apex Orion features QPSK through 1024QAM modulation, low latency Advanced Adaptive Coding and Modulation (AACM). Gigabit capacity can be realized in a single 56 Mhz channel (XPIC) or with 112 MHz 2+0 configuration, using a single traffic interface due to the physical link aggregation between radios.

The system supports both fiber and copper Gigabit Ethernet interfaces with in-band and out-of-band management, and can be powered directly or over Ethernet using a PoE injector.

Advanced Networking Metro Switch
• VLAN support allows isolation of traffic between ports
• Advanced QoS for VLAN, Diffserv, with per port control and strict/weighted scheduling
• Large packet buffer

The Apex Orion includes both SyncE and IEEE1588v2 precision time protocol for timing over packet (ToP). The system stamps 1588v2 packets using standard transparent clock correction fields.

Multilayer Header Compression
Depending on packet mix, 490-761 Mbps can be achieved on a single channel with the multilayer (L2 –L4) header compression feature. This is especially useful in smaller channel bandwidths when using the smaller packet sizes typically found in Carrier networks

Apex Orion Additional Features
• Hitless Advanced Adaptive Coding & Modulation (AACM)
• Secure management via HTTPS and SSH
• Power over Ethernet (PoE) or Direct Power, -48V DC
• Industry leading system gain over 6-42 GHz
• 1+1 Hot Standby support with Rapid Port Shutdown
• 3.5-60 MHz Channel Bandwidth
• AES-256 encryption
• FCC/ETSI & NEBS Compliant