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PathCheck Backahul Link Planning App

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Path Analysis


Are you planning a new licensed microwave link? There's an app for that.
Trango has released a powerful mobile application called PathCheck™ for backhaul link planning. This application is available now for download on the App Store for the iPhone, iPad, and iPad Mini. PathCheck provides users with path analysis including expected signal strength, capacity per modulation, terrain profile, link quality and more. PathCheck has a built-in quote submitting function so that you can plan your link and send the path profile to Trango for a quote. Visit the PathCheck page for more information.

Don't have PathCheck? We can still help.
If you do not have PathCheck we can still provide you with you with a no-obligation preliminary path analysis. Simply tell us about your proposed wireless links and we will provide you with a general link path analysis and link budget calculation.

Please note: The PathCheck mobile application is fastest way to obtain quotes from Trango. The form below is provided for those who do not yet have the app. However, there may be delays in processing requests from this form.

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For multiple paths, submit a separate form for each wireless link or contact Trango directly.
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Wireless Path Coordinates HELP
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Wireless Path Coordinates

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Example: Mt. Peak tower and Main Office

Path Site Coordinates Format:
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Example: Latitude:   32 56 11.2596 N       
                Longitude: 117 1 39.2736 West

Antenna Height Above Ground Level (AGL):
Vertical height from ground at the base of tower/building to antenna. Please specify units of measure (feet or meters).
Example: 120 ft
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Site Name*
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Wireless Link Information HELP
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Wireless Link Information

Choose a licensed microwave product:
TrangoLINK GigaPro™, TrangoLINK GigaPlus™ TrangoLINK ApexPlus™ or TrangoLINK Sparta Elite™

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Path Length:
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Example: 6.5 miles

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Desired Frequency
Path Length
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