Giga Lynx
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Giga Lynx™

High-Capacity, Split-Mount Microwave Backhaul System 6-42 GHz


Giga Lynx Overview

The Giga Lynx is an high performance, split architecture, point-to-point wireless microwave system. The system is available for all standard licensed frequency bands from 6 to 42 GHz.

The Giga Lynx offers modulation levels up to 1024QAM and PLA (Physical Link Aggregation) enabling full gigabit performance. Other outstanding features include hitless advanced adaptive coding and modulation, comprehensive management and monitoring capability, and industry leading system gain.

Giga Lynx

Advanced Networking

Multilayer Header Compression

Depending on packet mix, 490-761 Mbps can be achieved on a single channel with the multilayer (L2 –L4) header compression feature. This is especially useful in smaller channel bandwidths when using the smaller packet sizes.

Giga Lynx Additional Features